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Eris Island is about the intimacy of a small community, there are no secrets until there are

secrets - and then nobody says anything. It is about rumours, clashing personalities and

opposing values. It is also about the strength of community ties but as they say...familiarity

breeds contempt.


15 year old Sadie McCallister narrates the birds eye journey through the heavy mists and rains

of Howe Sound to Eris Island, a small rural community off the coast of Southern BC. Her

forgotten remains sway deep under water in the lake in the middle of the island. The reservoir is

close to overflowing. Suddenly the dam breaks and what is left of Sadie’s skeleton is sucked out

onto the road where it caught by the roots of a tree growing into a drainage ditch.


Elena, a lapsed artist had escaped to the island just before the boom. An underachiever she

currently works as a house-cleaner and is in a turbulent relationship with Lucien. Her friend and work colleague Sandi, is divorced with two teenagers is desperately trying to hold on to her house in the face of rising property taxes and mortgage increases while also trying not to be lured into selling by the promises of realtors.


Lucien, is approached by a former criminal friend to steal a very valuable Picasso from wealthy

island resident George Barlowe, also a client of the Witch's Broomstick Cleaning Co. The plan sours when Lucien becomes increasingly abusive. Sandi and Elena concoct a double-cross that ousts Lucien but leaves them scrambling to get rid of the work before they are caught.


A third member of the house-cleaning team, Sinead, begins to experience recurring nightmares

when the body of Sadie Mcallister surfaces 20 years after her disappearance. Sinead grapples with her guilt for the role she played in Sadie's murder. Meanwhile Sadie watches Sinead and the teen girls of today as they struggle with the same problems from her past. Sadie tries to work out her own anger over her invisibility in the community because nobody cares much when the ugly girl dies.